Weight Loss Strategies

Best way to lose weight for 2015 and keep it off!

Maintenance  of weight loss is a life style change.  No surprise here.  Quick fix diets, caveman diets, extreme diets or those diets which are impossible to stay on do not help you achieve your goal of permanent weight loss.

The first thing I ask patients "are you ready to commit to making the changes one needs to in order to lose weight?"  It is not the wedding three months from now or the class reunion in six months it is the desire to look good and feel good now and forever.  I often think for the moms and dads it is also the benefit of changing the way your children eat.  This is the first generation of children who are not expected to live as long as us because of their sedentary ways and poor diet choices.  Yet who buys the groceries and sets the example?

The second thing I ask is are you ready to put in the time needed?  Initially it seems like additional work new grocery list and making time to MOVE. 
No I don't mean the walking from office to office at work, the standing on your feet all day I mean actually exercising.  For those who don't like gyms you can choose to walk in the mall it is temperature controlled so there is no excuse about weather. You can walk, use a stationary bike, treadmill, jump rope, or swim.  I, myself, prefer the elliptical since like most Baby Boomers my knees are shot! You need to do something for at least 45 minutes 5 days a week...7 would be perfect but I'll take 5!

My philosophy about weight loss has come  from years of working with patients, finding what works and continues to work.  I don't give you meal plans, there are no points and if you want to count calories I can recommend various apps for your phone which are free and will help you.  It is all about what you put into your body and how it affects it.  Foods which are inflammatory such as processed foods will leave you achy and zapped as your body tries to heal the inflammation. Carbohydrates will send you on a vicious cycle of eating that you can't control and increase your risk of diabetes and just pack on the pound. They also pack that weight around the middle that so many of us start to notice.

This might be the time to make the change you need for a healthy method for sustainable weight loss.