Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Approach

Chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia are overlapping syndromes with a myriad of similar symptoms. This is a real, serious, complex multi system disease. There has been an association with immune dysfunction. Recent research implicates hypothalamus dysfunction as a common denominator in both. The dysfunction of sleep, hormonal issues and autonomic controls ( blood pressure, cold extremities,night sweats) are under hypothalamic control.

Following a SHINs protocol which treats sleep,hormonal dysfunction, infections (recurrent sore throats, sinusitis) and nutritional supplementation has a 90% improvement rate.
We do not know what causes this disabling disease but we are learning how to treat it and have patients live productive lives.

I try to treat this with a herbal/natural approach but often need to use traditional medications in order to achieve an optimal response.